Moving Current dance collective

Video music is courtesy of composer: MICHAEL WALL
"Choreographic excerpts by Artistic Directors Shelley Bourgeois, Erin Cardinal and Cynthia Hennessy with guest choreographers, George Staib, Michael Foley, Andy & Dionne Noble (Noblemotion), Sara Sweet Rabidoux and Nathan Dryden. Music courtesy of Michael Wall And oh, those amazing dancers from 2007-2012... Shelley Bourgeois, Brooke Bradley, Erin Cardinal, Katie Cole, Aly Coscia, Brian Fidalgo, Carrie Handley, Travis Mesman, Kebra Philebaum, Kelly Rayl, Marion Baldeon, Abraham Jarrell, Kristin O'Neal, Erica Lessner, Crystal Edwards, Maria Juan, Courtney Smith"

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Moving Current
Dance Collective


Artistic Directors Cindy Hennessy & Newly appointed Director Brian Fidalgo II will share the stage with works set by the Director of Method Dance Bradley Michaud!!


January 23rd & 24th @ 8:00 pm
January 25th @ 2:00 pm



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